What’s the hourly council pay rate for dithering? Come hither and find out.


It must be spring break/NCAA tournament/sock darning time, because the Tribune turned to a “freelance writer living in Louisville” to cover last evening’s numbingly predictable exercise in congenital city council futility.

Speaking of webvertising, did you know that when you click through to a Tribune link from NAC, you’re providing the newspaper’s web ad sales team with valuable ammo to close the deal? If you’re thinking of placing such an ad, shouldn’t you just run it here, and cut out the Alabama state pension system?

Sssshhh … we don’t want anyone to know that this is “just” a blog. It might compromise our rampant journalistic integrity. So, it’s on to the links. First, Mr. Jones:

New Albany City Council postpones vote on sewer rates, by Michael L. Jones (Tribune)

… 5th District Councilwoman Diane McCartin-Benedetti was clearly perturbed that the council refused to vote on the ordinance Thursday night. McCartin-Benedetti said other members of the board were offering solutions without specifics and wasting precious time. If the city defaults on its bond debt servicing, the state could put the sewer system in receivership.

“This rate from the state could go away, that’s really what upsets me,” McCartin-Benedetti said. “I don’t want to be responsible for something going into receivership while I’m in office, you don’t know what that can do to us. If we keep talking about this and no one is coming out with figures, I say we should meet every single night, all of us. Every single night until we hammer this out and come to an agreement.”

Evidently, it was so bad that even the customarily upbeat Mrs. Baird regretted two and a half hours that she’ll never get back.

ALL TALK AND NO ACTION (Voice of the People blog)

There is not much to report about the city council meeting tonight. The meeting lasted from 7:30 to 10:00 and virtually nothing was accomplished.

I ran into Maury Goldeberg earlier in the day, and he asked for a breaking blog update last evening. Obviously, there was nothing to update, other than a report that Steve Price accused fellow council members of thinking and studying, and vowed to vote against sewer rate increases three times, even though he is allowed only one vote. Consequently, perhaps Price’s council tenure is the joke referred to by Maury in his blog entry:

City Council Meeting, March 18, 2010 (New Albany Today blog)

I was not in attendance this evening … when I learned what transpired at the meeting tonight shook my head and uttered the phrase: “What A Joke”!