Open thread: School board school closing vote, procedurally speaking?


Two comments are elevated to the marquee. Apologies for taking the “open thread” route, but I’ll be out of Internet earshot until around 1:00 p.m., although iPhone monitoring isn’t out of the question.

The topic: The school board’s vote tomorrow night, coming exactly one week after the school closing plan was announced, and procedural ramifications therein.

Nccondra has left a new comment on your post “Why us? Because Pogo was right, that’s why.“:

School board president Roger Whaley told Fox 41 News before the public hearing that it was possible at least one fellow board member would ask to vote separately on parts of the plan, particularly the closing of Galena Elementary School.

Has a decision already been made? “Particularly the closing of Galena Elementary School”? After the hearing was adjourned, board member Rebecca Gardenour asked if the board would vote for the entire recommendation or if items could be voted on separately, and Whaley responded that the board would have to have at least 4 members vote to separately vote on items.

Staged much? I shouldn’t be surprised, because this is Floyd County, after all. The meeting hadn’t even occurred, yet one board member was already planning to make a motion to vote separately on the closing of Galena. What voting separately on sending 5th graders to middle school? All of us completely understand the pain Galena parents are experiencing, and the frustration that it came so unexpectedly, with a very short time frame to respond.

However, it is downright vile that after over one year of gathering hundreds of signatures on petitions, attendance at three public hearings, a multitude of yard signs, and letters and calls of protest by citizens of New Albany to keep Silver Street open, Silver Street will probably not be afforded this consideration.

The Bookseller has left a new comment on your post “Why us? Because Pogo was right, that’s why.“:

Nccondra, your points are germane, and I’ll vouch for your NAC bona fides (NAC?). You’ve provided information I did not know previously.

But, just as with the current sewer imbroglio, it’s all of a set, and each separate vote has a corresponding consequence. I can’t imagine that pandering to a particular school zone would be considered viable or honest.

I’m hard to convince, and no one has yet convinced me that Silver Street’s sitch is anything other than a manufactured plan to intentionally gut a neighborhood and county treasure.

“I won’t maintain this school. I won’t fund this school. I must close this school because correcting my neglect would cost too much.”

Even the pretended “reason” is specious. “Too much?” Even with the intentional neglect, the cost is not too much under any analysis.