Consistency the chief casualty as Tribune editorial savages council, coddles school corporation.


In today’s Tribune editorial, the editorial board offers yet another scathing take on the city council’s persistent “penny foolish, pound foolish” approach to its duties.

TRIBUNE EDITORIAL: New Albany Council’s votes are limiting our options.

The editorial makes clearer than ever before the dimensions of the council’s emerging anti-modernity bloc. Dan Coffey and Steve Price are givens, but Jeff Gahan and Pat McLaughlin both have consistently joined with the know-nothings in impeding legislative rationality.

CM Gahan opted for scattershot indecipherability a long time ago, and lacking any coherent, stated notion of where he’s coming from and why, we can only surmise that agreeing with Coffey this often constitutes a full-scale descent into the depths of the Dark Side, where CM McLaughlin — whose picture currently adorns the Webster’s Dictionary entry for “disappointment” — also seems to have taken up residence.

But of more immediate significance is this section, wherein the editorial board commends school administrators:

New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. Superintendent Bruce Hibbard, and his administrative team, recently announced recommendations to close four elementary schools and make other cuts that will impact and anger many. Right or wrong, these were not popular decisions, but they were necessary. School administrators didn’t sit around and blame each other for the $6.6 million deficit that was thrown in their lap. They made, what they believed, were the necessary cuts.

There it is, and you can take it to the bank, folks: The Tribune will be punting when it comes to the impending school closings.

What’s this analogy intended to convey, Coach K? That it’s bad to dither, and therefore, it’s far better that potentially catastrophic long-term decisions are reached quickly and confidently, even if they’re tragically mistaken?

A fairly bad analogy, guys. While we’re on the subject of sidesteps, has any editorial board discussion of the bridges project yet been undertaken?