Bloomington has a neighborhood parking ordinance, too.


How utterly strange that the stated purpose of such a measure dares to “protect motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians,” rather than to auction an entitlement for chump change sufficient to make Steve Price orgasmic.

Damned pesky Obamunists.

Neighborhood Parking Permit FAQs

Neighborhood Parking Permit Questions and Answers

City of Bloomington ORDINANCE 92-06 designates University Proximate Residential Neighborhood Permit Parking Zones. Residents in those zones may receive Parking Permits that only allow the vehicles with Permits to park on the street between 8AM and 5PM, Monday thru Friday. Permits expire August 15, of each year. This Ordinance is meant to protect motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians from excessive commuter traffic competing for parking spaces as well as to reduce the amount of traffic in the neighborhoods.