The third stanza of live council blogging:


Public officials speaking time

Benedetti: Still looking for a council attorney.

Gonder: One applicant; would like to keep it open for a bit longer, until next meeting.

Coffey: Wants the attorney to come from Floyd County at the very least. Not right to hire outsiders.

Caesar: Wants to get it going.

Mayor’s time

Mayor England is not here, but Carl Malasz speaks in his stead. Asks for consideration of R-10-01 (Coyle TIF). Gonder says go ahead and speak. The resolution is step 3 in the process toward acquiring Coyle, which is a key property, and will require funding beyond the TIF, but no final deals will be struck without the council’s input. Mick Ward is here representing the Coyles and can be consulted a bit later tonight.


(Gonder’s being a bit indecisive)

Honestly: It’s very difficult to tell what’s being considered in terms of the committee votes. Jack Messer mentions an appointment of Matt Bergman as a non-council member appointment to Redevelopment. Gonder concedes a point (?) to Messer and says he thinks Bergman would be good.

Individual votes … Jeff Gahan says that work might prevent his attendance at some Plan Commission meetings.

Plan: Gahan is approved.

Redevelopment: Benedetti approved, but the Luddites topple Bergman, who’ll have to come in and audition instead so Coffey can insult him.

Horseshoe: Caesar and Zurschmiede approved.

That’s all the voting on appointments, folks. Part four coming shortly.