More live council blogging (2): Committee appointments and public communications.


Dan Coffey calls the meeting to order and demands both prayer and allegiance.

Nominations for president: Steve Price nominates Pat McLaughlin, Diane Benedetti nominates John Gonder.

Gonder wins 5-4 and assumes the chair. Coffey reclaims his old seat. The world spins on its axis, and somewhere, a dog barks.

VP: Coffey nominates McLaughlin. No other nominations, as the fix was probably in on that one. He wins.

Motion to recess so that committee appointments can be considered. We’re waiting to see if these will be voted on (see preceding post). Are you a betting man or woman?

I’m particularly interested in seeing the outcome for the Cesears Board appointment. When I saw it on the agenda, I thought it meant a salad, and then I mistook it for seesaw. Only then did I realize that it should be the Horseshoe Board.

We spend our recess time joking about the measure being proposed tonight that would allow residents to buy a street parking permit in the neighborhoods. More on that later. The man sitting near me says that they do it in Jeffersonville without difficulty, but my personal opinion is that unless we get a canal like Jeff is soon to have, I’m against it. Boat parking permits are another matter entirely.

Dig it: The Omnibus Gondola Parking Permit of 2010.

We have returned. Gonder begins reading appointments. There are too many to list here, given that I could not copy from the web site (it wasn’t there).

I just noticed that according to the agenda, the appointments are supposed to come after many of the items on the agenda. At this point, I’m confused.

Gonder notes that there are many more committees than the code calls for, roughly 22 instead of the 10 stipulated.

Now, he returns to the agenda order and commences correction and approval of minutes, and with haste, December 7 hearing and meeting minutes are passed.

Public communications (agenda items):

1. Jameson Bledsoe – Remembering Charlemagne, and representing the Uptown Neighborhood Association, he supports G-10-01, the parking ordinance.

2. Randy Bulleit – 2000 block of East Elm. Mentions the home tour in September. Surprised that the home tour was a success. Delighted. This leads to the ordinance (?) that would establish a residential parking permit. Those with limited or no off-street parking would be able to purchase a yearly permit for $100. He points to Jeffersonville, not Bardstown Road (which doesn’t do it) as an examplar. Makes $15,000 per year for Jeff. Says it will enhance quality of life and lead to more owner-occupied homes. He has passed out a packet of information supporting his position. He went so far as to solicit bids for the striping of these spaces. He now reaches the five minute mark and Pres. Gonder warns him. Again, Bulleit cites Jefersonville as a model program, ignoring other places where no such program exists.

3. Vicky Nugent – Also with Uptown. Ekin Avenue. Supports the same ordinance. Raised where you can park in front, and is willing to pay for it.

4. Randy Smith – Not read the ordinance, but discussed with Mr. Bulleit. Opposed to it on the basis of philosophy, with practical problems as well. Invites everyone to Studio’s to discuss it. Objections: 20-ft space poses practicality problems, i.e., street widths differing. Market forces would suggest paying more for a house with driveway or off-street; it would take a long time to equalize costs at a clip of $100 a year. He’s willing to consider things, but would like for there to be more discussion. Enforcement of sidewalk parking? Asks to put it before committee.

(enforcement in general?)

Non-enforcement remains the city’s prime issue. Back in a bit as we continue.