The fez sez.


While our senior editor is making clothing decisions in a foreign country, I’m making local decisions based on foreign clothing. This old Shriners fez was recently sold on eBay but unfortunately not to me. Otherwise, I’d be announcing my new title.

It’s the third word – Tuckyanna – that intrigues me anyway. It’s what we used to be called. As a regional moniker, it strikes a better balance than Kentuckiana and, let’s face it, Indyucky is just plain dumb. By comparison, Tuckyanna sounds downright beguiling.

Besides, it’s slightly reminiscent of Christiania and our single-street bike lane is beginning to look a little like Copenhagen. When one compares the images conjured by “Denmark” to those by “Kentucky”, kin or no kin, I’m with the Danes.

In a nod to those forefathers and mothers who built strong public spaces on both sides of the river and public transit in between, I’m using the name they gave us, hereafter referring to the falls cities in sum total as Tuckyanna. Join me if you like.