Charlestown to NA: Here’s how it’s done, amateurs.


How many times have I heard a member of New Albany’s city council confide privately that yes, it was a mistake to select Dan Coffey as president — but geez, what can we do about it now?

Birdseye could not be reached for comment, but Charlestown provides this answer, as reported in the Evening News.

Goodlett removed as Charlestown City Council president; Roberts, Aaron say Goodlett abused power; ousted president says it’s because he doesn’t always agree with mayor, by Braden Lammers (News and Tribune).

“Things that you have been doing since you’ve become president have been unbecoming of the president,” (Councilman Dan) Roberts said …

… Councilman Jeff Aaron also accused (Mark) Goodlett of abusing his power.

“That president is nothing but a title … and my personal opinion, you’re abusing that,” he said.

It’s that simple, folks, unless you’re a New Albanian. As Coffey remained ensconced in the president’s chair last night, while hectoring and debating speakers and interjecting his opinions throughout, we were reminded yet again the extent to which he is temperamentally unsuited for the position of president, and how he actively damages the city of New Albany through willful and persistent misuse of it.

And, as always, his council comrades sit there, silently, enabling and abetting the dysfunction that makes New Albany a laughingstock.

Is it January yet, and it that enough time to find a spine somewhere — anywhere — in this illustrious group?