NABC’s swill-free Fringe Fest at the Bank Street Brewhouse concludes with a casual Sunday in the bar and on the patio.


It took two days to achieve critical mass, but when it came, it was suitably intense. For this, I am thankful. Kudos to customers, employees and all those who made the past days possible.

The memorable part for me was yesterday afternoon at about three, standing within the friendly confines of the non-taxpayer-supported Bank Street patio with Larry Schad of Capriole Farms, goat cheese in one hand and craft beer in the other, with the lingering scent of duck fat (it makes life better) tempting the olfactories from the right and cigars doing the same from the left, and Splitbow contributing Irish folk music from the stage beneath the Fringe Fest tent.

Nothing special is planned for NABC today, and yet Fringe Fest really isn’t over until Harvest Homecoming booth days conclude this afternoon. It’s chilly, but the sun’s out. We’re going casual at Bank Street Brewhouse, with the create-your-own Bloody Mary bar from 12:00 Noon until 3:00 p.m., and a final day of $4 pints.

Music? Food? Football games? Bison wraps and rolled oysters?

Who knows?