Tribune editorials address downtown development and the new Spring Street bike lane.


Two Sunday Tribune editorials for the price of one:

TRIBUNE EDITORIAL: Keep downtown menu diverse; many businesses but one message

TRIBUNE EDITORIAL: The beginning of a beautiful bike ride

Not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but there are useful points in both pieces.

As for the first, a unified promotional effort definitely is needed downtown, as is some way to gently push some of the longtimers into grasping the utility of traveling to the next level in the sense of uncovered windows, upstairs living and (perhaps not so gently) the use of their buildings according to code.

With regard to bike lanes, the editorial team asks some very good questions. It still isn’t clear how the southern-side Spring Street lane is meant to be used, and given that lately my primary issues as an everyday cyclist have had to do with other cyclists, it is the city’s obligation to make a statement of principle addressing bike use overall.

Gotta go – time for a ride. Thursday’s column already is finished, the Wizard isn’t going to like it, and knowing this gives me a feeling of accomplishment.