Today’s Tribune column: “Pub walks and beer crawls?”


One or the other or both will be occurring this Saturday; see below the link for details. To read about NABC’s special plans, visit my beer blog: The Beak is Back — with live music, as Bank Street Brewhouse celebrates NA 1 Night Stand this Saturday, August 29.

BAYLOR: Pub walks and beer crawls?

Is a “beer walk” the same thing as a “pub crawl”? There’s a good reason for asking this question, although I readily concede that far weightier issues currently transfix the community.

EVENT DETAILS (from the organizers)

Thank you for registering for the “NA 1 Night Stand” – the event with the goal to “check ‘em all before you fall”!

To pick up your FREE T-SHIRT:

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

3:00 PM – 7:00 PM

@ The Farmer’s Market Area (on Market St. between Bank and Third)

(Free pre-registered shirts will be sold after 6PM if not picked up by this time)

There will be extra shirts available for $10 purchase during the times listed above.

We want to extend a huge thanks to the participating establishments:

Hitching Post Tavern
NABC Bank Street Brewhouse
Pastimes Grill & Pub
Steinert’s Grill & Pub
Studio’s Grill & Pub

While all area establishments were asked to participate, only the above establishments have committed to help make this event a success – so please be sure to return the support by being a patron of THEIR establishments throughout the event day. Participating establishments will be clearly marked. We are fortunate to have many other thriving bars and taverns in the downtown area and are hopeful more of them will participate at our next event. They likely will when they see you walking by. Please wave as you pass …