Live blogging ongoing, Part Three: Ordinances, resolutions and grandstanding.



R-09-13 Resolution Concerning Statement of Benefits for Jones Popcorn Inc. d/b/a Clark’s Snacks by the Common Council of the City of New Albany

Bob Caesar explains what the popcorn market is looking like. This will add jobs to the community. Passes by voice vote.

R-09-14 Resolution of the City of New Albany Approving An Amendatory Declaratory Resolution and Amended Plan of the Redevelopment Commission of the City Of New Albany, Indiana, and Approving an Order of The New Albany Area Plan Commission … Benedetti

Carl Malysz explains the use of the prevailing TIF district’s resources to amend the Park East TIF to issue the bond issue to help Kemper buy equipment that will add many jobs. This is one step, then it goes to the redevelopment commission, who makes the final decision. This, and then an ordinance (below)for economic development bonds (1st reading this evening). Several things are being organized in tandem to result in final votes by the council’s first July meeting. Banks request this, too. Immediate benefit is 50 jobs, could lead to a larger addition later.

Diane Benedetti says she has talked to the owner, and it’s all very good. We have the chance to upend a possible Ohio destination owing to city hall’s work. Also, not taking employees from anyone. It’s about new hires to fill a Yum Brands contract. It’s a loan that will be paid back monthly.

They make refrigerated dough products.

Caesar: Big benefits, little risk.

Gonder: They probably will be high salary jobs. Not minimum wage jobs.

Unanimous in favor.

R-09-15 Resolution To Authorize Funding For The Hiring Of 10 New Police Officers

Price introduces and wants a roll call, presumably to enshrine his “no” vote. Benedetti wants information from Chief Crabtree. It’s about merit law and union things; Paul Haub says as long as no ranking positions are lost, there’d be more detective moved up sans rank.

KZ unable to attend the workshop. What will this do? Explains where the men will go and be deployed overall.

Call him for details; too many numbers for me.

KZ wants to know exactly which officers he’ll see and where when he’s out on the street.

Police explain yet again how the plan will work. KZ missed the special meeting, and evidently didn’t do any homework since then, unless of course he’s on assignment from Dave Matthews.

Paul Haub recaps it again. 15% commits 85% of the crime, and they’ll be targeted.

KZ: Will this money address the “minor” problems that my constituents think are major? Don’t say “I think,” say “it will.”

Haub: We need 90 officers, but you can’t afford it. So we’ll take 75 until annexation. Eloquently speaks to the need NOT to have more VISIBLE officers on the street. Conversely, we need more invisible officers.

Gonder: Take home cars?

Crabtree: Supports them. Saves time.

Benedetti wants to hear stats next year showing that things have improved.

Please come back and see us again, y’all.

Gonder says the presentation last time was scorched earth policy. Cops won’t live here because of all the things that are wrong with us, and now dissects statistics. Takes issue with the scaremongering stats: 9,400 crimes per square mile?

Haub: Check out the web site and check the data (didn’t hear the web site). Doesn’t think it’s absurd because of the averaging between rural and urban stats.

Gonder: You put it up to scare us. Gonder says he’s not hearing from his constituents about it (Haub is incredulous) but now says that he supports this because he sees where the money is coming from (the sewer subsidies).

Huh? Yes, they need to come out of the sewers, but this isn’t on the table tonight.

Messer speaks in favor and explains the problems he sees as a policeman.

Cops now say they leave town because of the crime rate. Haub sees it as fair criticism. We’ll die for the city, but we know what happens … this is regressing fairly quickly. Still no willingness on the part of anyone present to discuss our stance toward the socio-economic conditions that preface crime. None, zilch, nada. t’s just grandstanding central.

Pat McLaughlin: Intimidated by cops who don’t feel safe. Also intimidated by the financial situation.

Jeff Gahan: We know you need help, but a million dollar appropriation. Needs to take place during the budgetary process. 2009 budget not yet certified. Given that … 2010 already short. Tough situation to be discussing tonight.

Kevin Zurschmiede: “My concern is moving forward,” so what happens next year when we don’t have the money … leaning toward voting for it. Feels strongly that the city needs to feel safer.

McLaughlin: Annexation?

Benedetti: We’ll get ’em in 2010.

Caesar: Would Chief Crabtree consider a business plan for the police department?

In short, he’s implying that Crabtree doesn;t know what he’s doing. How do we pay for that?

Steve Price, having kept his powder safely dry in grandma’s cookie jar to bat clean-up, asks Paul to explain yet again what the lessons of New York and Boston are, even though the police have been explaining this for most of the past year.

Haub explains.

Price: Are the funds there? Yes, with a sewer rate hike. Wanna go on record for that? Fine if you do. If the state comes down, they don’t care … I’m just saying, that’s fine whatever y’all think, every department … what if we default?

Not sure where he’s going, but no one is.

KZ: Impact-wise, what’s the effect, 1-10 scale?

Haub: Clean it up in months, if we have resources. Worked everywhere else in the world, expected to work here. Defends the program, says it includes self-checks and ratings.

KZ understands that if we hired 150 officers, we’d have maximum impact … but WE’D STILL HAVE UNREGULATED RENTAL PROPERTIES AND AN ABSENCE OF ORDINANCE ENFORCEMENT, KEVIN.

Coffey: #1, always struggling for money, so that’s no excuse.
#2, numbers can be adjusted, and I’m not worried about the budget, ‘cuz what we’re generating as development tonight will pay for it. Says there’s plenty of money in EDIT (and more in sewers, but he won’t address that).

Vote roll call: Yes: Caesar, Benedetti, Messer, Zurschmiede, Coffey
No: Price, McLaughlin, Gahan, Gonder
Passes 5-4.