Ammonia, Indigent Flushers, & Politics


What do all three have in common? They stink!!!

I was present for most of last night’s council workshop on Georgetown’s sewer rates.

Due to health issues of the past few days I couldn’t stay for the entire show but I did hang in long enough to gather that this whole debacle is being drawn out for political gain on all fronts.

As I understand it the core issue is that duly elected Georgetown officials from days gone by entered into an agreement with New Albany’ Sewer Board.

(Note Sewer Board … NOT the City of New Albany nor it’s Common Council!)

At the time all the legal minds were in agreement that it was a statutory legal agreement.

Georgetown dictated the terms and although our Sewer Board offered longer time periods, G’town’s leadership seemed confident with a four year gig.

Now the time has come & gone. In fact it has been extended numerous times and still no discernable action on Georgetown’s part to build their own plant.

Meanwhile even given their best efforts to treat it on their end, G’town’s effluent is costing more for us to treat due to it’s chemical composition than does our own sh@#.

In addition, that same chemical composition is eating away at our lines, pumps, & infrastructure more so than is normal.

So our Sewer Board after much deliberation elected to call in their marker.

Georgetown’s new leaders are now crying FOUL!! And they’re pulling out all the stops.

“Our fixed income citizens who are living on $600.00 a month can’t afford to flush!”

“It cost us $84 to $100 thousand per month to maitain & operate our ill conceived antiquated system!”

“The Floyd County Government blocked the original plant site and we had to start over!”

And my favorite of all:

“The agreement in place will not stand up in court!” May I see your legal degree please?

So now enter the politicos.

Floyd County in conjunction with citizen lawsuits successfuly blocked the Edwardsville area site because of currying favor to potential future developers for that area.

Now they are trying to rectify that move and curry favor with Georgetown voters by offering to pay for another site on the west side of G’town contingent on the County securing Federal funds.

Said funds are at least a year out, by the way.

Then comes our very own Common Council leadership to weigh in on another community’s business.

“We can’t just let ’em go broke!”

“We gotta do the right thing!”

Meanwhile our Sewer Board is saying “It’s not a fine, it is just what you, via your duly elected officials, agreed to do!”

So if G’town wins and our Council chooses to saddle us and our system with the burden for perpetuity, does this mean I can cry foul and walk away from my legal financial obligations as well??

Who really wins/loses here?

Inquiring minds want to know!!