Open thread: Council and city hall’s fingerpointing tango, and Dan Coffey’s latest bluff.


Last night, after the special city council meeting, heated words were being exchanged in the corridor.

In a predictably flaccid effort to be cheerful, the council president observed that the meeting was over, and everyone should be pleasant in the aftermath. I replied that it’s difficult to be cheerful when watching his twice monthly antics.

He responded by wagging that famously pudgy finger and warning me that while I may not realize it, I’m going to be held responsible for all that I’ve blogged. He seemed to be implying that he would take action in an as yet undefined legal sense. It was a threat, to be sure, and another example of hundreds offered here during the past five years as to his temperamental unsuitability to serve in office, whether here in New Albany or at the most isolated outpost in outermost Mongolia.

I then noted aloud that I’ve signed each and every one of these hundreds of posts, and will continue to do so, this being more than can be said for the anonymous obstructionists who take their post-meeting cues from the president’s cell phone, and I told him so, urging him to bring it on and take whatever steps he feels necessary to try and make the truth as reported here go away.

Not yet, said the president: “It’s better to wait,” he replied, snarling in a way that’s coming to be regarded as boilerplate.

Wait like a coiled copperhead snake, Dan?

Like waiting to redistrict, and waiting to pave, and waiting to find reasons not to pursue economic development, and waiting to fund public safety, and waiting to interject yourself into any legislative issue so as to preserve an appearance of omniscience?

Just remember this, councilman: It isn’t libel if it is true.

Your anonymous supporters are the ones writing untruths, not this blog, so if you have the goods, please bring them to bear.

If not, then let it go and desist with the now commonplace bullying routine. Not only is it tasteless, but it’s increasingly tedious, too.

If anyone else reading would like to comment on last evening’s antics, please do so. I have a Bank Street economy to help develop.