Our (recent) History New Albany: Quality of Life Has Improved.


Our History New Albany scribe Ted Fulmore used weekend events as impetus for a brief then and now comparison, looking at the past few years through clearly focused lenses:

Local activists focus on the current and in many cases the ugly issues. Seldom do we take the time to look back and appreciate just how much progress has been made. We don’t do a good job of defining the outcomes desired either. I will endeavor to help change that.

As I related to a large group of people recently, the quality of life here has improved here. While I have no data to support this, I do believe the image for the area is changing in a positive way. And this is being done without any coordinated strategy whatsoever. Just imagine if we tried?

Perspective from 2005, Downtown New Albany

Well stated, Ted. While there’s certainly much work left to be done, there’s scant doubt its worth (and ours) will be measured in the achievement of positive outcomes rather than the persistence of woebegone wails.

Perhaps readers can lend some perspective of their own. Why is it so difficult for some to see the improvements that have already taken place? Why is it so daunting to state what we want?