If you’re Open, They Will Come!!


The Missus had oral surgery recently and I was compelled to do an ice cream run last evening as the cold seems to bring her some relief.

It was right in the heart of prime time so I decided on a fluke to peruse several of our night time establishments. I was delighted and encouraged by what I saw.

Richo’s & Sportstime’s parking lots were full as they normally are on a Friday evening which is to be expected during Gravity Head.

The Kroger’s on Grantline was out of the preferred flavor so I ended up at their
State Street location ‘cause every good mate understands that when it comes to ice cream, substitutions will not do!

At any rate upon leaving I glanced over at CiCi’s Pizza and was surprised to see them packed to the gills! To be fair the surprise was, to me, that there is that much of a appetite for pizza in our fair city.

But hey, I’m glad to see such a brisk business in these uncertain economic times.

I continued on through the downtown corridor and found that Conner’s, the Windsor, Studio’s, Hugh E Bir’s and the new Bank Street Brewery were nearly full full and had foot traffic exiting & entering as well.

So much for the naysayers laments of “too many to sustain” huh?

Rather it looks as though the opposite is true!

Now if we can just get a breakfast nook or two to complete the cycle and convince more of them to be open for lunch on weekends, perhaps we can break the cycle of rampant recycling of establishments downtown!!