I know, I know … it’s like inflicting baby pictures on your buddies, but what can I say?


I’ll apologize in advance for resembling a broken record this week. Having confessed, here are more photos from the Bank Street Brewhouse, specifically last evening’s “soft” opening. Another follows tonight, and another on Thursday, with Friday designated as opening day.

In the afternoon, the kitchen crew prepared menu samples for the employees.

Chef Josh Lehman explained the ingredients and preparation of the dishes, and then brewer Jared Williamson provided a few beer/food pairing observations.

From six to eight in the evening, dining and drinking occurred.

Earlier in the day, utilizing the newly installed antique poplar countertop by the (future) brewery window, liquors were briefly nipped. We’ll eventually have a few selected spirits behind the bar (a hint: don’t order Jack and coke), along with wines from Indiana wineries. Turtle Run’s up first, with Huber and others to follow. There’ll also be a selection of non-alcoholic craft sodas, and maybe even straws.

Of course, NABC beer is the primary beverage. When everything is working right, there’ll be ten standard taps and two hand-pulled ales every day.

Thanks again for your support.