Downtown ideas in the Tribune.


Sorry, but I’ve been too busy developing my company’s economy to give this the attention it deserves: ROUDENBUSH: Downtown New Albany ideas from long-time admirer.

The first time I read through these proposals, some seemed sensible. Some of them survived a second reading. Then, after a third …

For example, a signage project is already underway … and why put a visitor center in a place that isn’t on any of the main entry routes … and the incessant assaults on the historical preservation instinct grow tiresome … and why extend Grant Line with entirely new roadway when it runs parallel to 8th, anyway … and when there’s already a Padgett Museum, why use Carnegie for anything other than pure art and much more of it … and when will the misrepresentations of 8664 ever end?

But the writer nails the two-way street conversion, so give him that. In large measure, the suggestions seem sincere and well-intentioned, at least until the attacks on preservation and 8664 begin capsizing the ship.

Where’s the New Urbanism in any of this? Discuss if you wish. I’m tired.