Was “Coffey Lied” an album by Steely Dan?


Or is it the overdue end to another reign of error? Only Jeff Gahan knows for sure, but here’s the long-awaited link to yesterday’s Tribune coverage of the Great Coffeyhead Implosion of 2009:

New Albany City Council President Coffey named, not charged in police report, by Daniel Suddeath.

According to the report, Gillenwater claimed Coffey told him “I’ll catch up with you later and get my revenge. I’m like a Copperhead [snake], I’ll strike when you least expect it.”

Coffey told police that no threats were made. He said Tuesday he never made that statement to Gillenwater and there was no reason for him to feel endangered.

It occurs to me that CM Coffey gets away with the perpetual gyrations and bullying obstructionism because there’s always someone on the council or in city government who has swallowed the bait, drinks the Kool-Aid and chooses to believe that Coffey actually possesses enough political clout to make good on his threats. His bluffs seldom get called, and because they aren’t, the impression is given that he’s really a certifiable force to be reckoned with, when in reality, there’s only ceaseless blow without the requisite “do something” show.

The city suffers yet another embarrassment, would-be players like the previous council president deny responsibility for their poor gamesmanship, Coffey lives to bluff another day, and the cycle repeats endlessly.

Why on earth would the council wait until he ticking time bomb detonates to do something about it?