“Beer Money” and a Bank Street Brewhouse progress report.


The first Tribune column is up today: Defeating the New Albany Syndrome.

In my mind, the columns bear the title of “Beer Money” even if they’re not identified as such in the newspaper itself. This will be the title of the collection of essays that will be published when there’s time. Like 2015.

There’s little time because one of the best ways to defeat the New Albany Syndrome is to do something, and plenty is being done. Accordingly, there’s another busy day ahead as we seem to be gaining speed toward the Bank Street Brewhouse’s taproom opening.

Here’s the weekly report.

As noted previously, it would appear that the bank’s on board, and the financing package will be complete very soon following a few formalities.

Construction has resumed at the building, and because of it, we won’t be able to stage the Benjamin Franklin birthday party and Old Lightning Rod rollout originally planned for January 17 inside the new site. Instead, we’ll tap the beer like always at the original location in the 6th council district. Many thanks to Steve Resch for his patience as we have designed and configured the interior. The man is a saint.

Currently our team, informally called the Gang of Seven, is in place and immersed with all the pesky details required to open the doors. When all the biographical information for the team members is in place, I promise to share it with readers.

The ATC hearing comes on February 3, and we should be clear of the alcohol licensing hurdle after it concludes. The plan is to open at some point just after that, with the probability that it will be “soft” for a while, perhaps only lunch and Progressive Pint hours in the evening. We’re still groping through it. The brewing system can be ordered when cash is in hand, and will take at least three months to fabricate, deliver and install, so until then, we’ll be brewing on Plaza Drive and giving the pickup truck a workout.

There’ll continue to be small-scale guerrilla marketing in Louisville and limited amounts of NABC beer to vend until the new system is up and running. We’re buying more kegs, ramping up production as much as possible, and hoping for the best.

I recall the words of John Lennon: “People think I’m crazy/doing what I’m doing,” and to be honest, there are times when I question the origin of the compulsion. But it’s clear to me that the single best thing I (and NABC) can do for downtown — for our community — is make the new business a success, and help make the pie bigger. We’re doing the right thing, and I believe we’re doing it the right way.

Time to get to work.