Leftovers and Cappuccino: More on Monday’s council meeting.


The Tribune’s Daniel Suddeath has filed his account of last evening’s largely uneventful council conclave.

… (Dan) Coffey, who represents District 1, received a unanimous nod from the council Monday to be its president except for Councilman Jack Messer, who abstained from voting.

Coffey was the lone member nominated for the position and was suggested by Councilman Pat McLaughlin. He replaced Councilman Jeff Gahan who said previously he didn’t want to be president in 2009.

Coffey had noted aloud that he and city clerk Marcey Wisman “went through” the list of positions and determined who was “most qualified” to serve, but like Lucy pulling back the football as Charlie Brown takes his steps to kick …

Coffey appointed himself to the Plan Commission and will remain on the Redevelopment Commission with Councilwoman Diane McCartin Benedetti, who was also selected to be the council’s vice president by the body.

So much for qualifications, seeing as though lengthy experience hath abundantly shown that Coffey officiously attached to anything vaguely resembling “planning” and “redevelopment” ranks just below the senselessness of the senior editor being selected to the College of Cardinals and taking up residence in the Vatican … but so goes life (and ironic detachment) in the open air museum.

Suddeath ends his account with an overview of comments made by the deputy mayor, who addressed the topic of ordinance enforcement.

Deputy Mayor and Director of Community Development Carl Malysz promised the council more action in the next 30 days centralized to code enforcement.

Mayor Doug England plans to give the State of the City address at the Jan. 15 council meeting which will include parameters on code enforcement.

In the meantime, Malysz said the mayor is ready to fill the code enforcement officer position that will be funded by Community Development Block Grant money.

Follow the link above to read the remainder of the story, which includes Malysz’s thoughts on the future of rental property registration.