ROCK and roll over, at least when it comes to s*x.


After the last ROCK publicity campaign in December, I decided it might be useful to keep closer tabs on the local gestation of attacks on civil liberties and the advocacy of theocratic fascism, so I signed up for the organization’s newsletter. When I receive troop-rallying announcements like the one below, complete with naughty words like “sex” expunged, I’ll reprint them here, along with my standard rejoinder.

Exactly which culture are they so intent on reclaiming?


Happy New Year from the ROCK family to yours!


As I sit back in the midst of this busy season and the accelerated pace ROCK is maintaining, I wanted to take a brief moment to reflect on 2008. It has been absolutely incredible. Literally thousands have joined ROCK in Kentucky, Indiana and across our nation. The momentum and the feeling that something special is happening is palpable in our office and hopefully for you too.

This past year, we were involved in keeping s*x businesses from opening, in creating strong ordinances protecting families and communities, and working with citizens and public officials across the region. We worked to educate parents and children on internet safety and to raise awareness about the harms associated with p*rnography for our communities, families and children. We had the first ever ROCK Concert which exceeded expectations! ROCK has defended our nation’s heritage and our founding principles and is working to bring our nation’s motto, In God We Trust, to Kentucky roadways. And it is because of that same trust and faith that we know ROCK has been blessed with so many successes in 2008.

ROCK would not be able to stand up for all that is good, right and decent without you – our partners collectively standing with one voice to forever change where we live. Thank you so much.

Looking ahead to 2009, it is already stacking up to be another wonderfully hectic year with more projects, initiatives and events to protect our children, families and communities. We will soon be launching our new website, a new email format, text messaging and a new printed quarterly newsletter.

ROCK needs you and others more than ever! I look forward to working with you as we impact our region for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Bryan Wickens, President