Them’s fightin’ shoes … we oughta invade EYE-rack … wait — been there, done that …


From LEO’s blog, Fat Lip, comes an appreciation of metaphor.

Shoe toss: In case you were under a rock (Iraq?) this weekend, below is the video of Iraqi TV reporter Muntader al-Zaidi winging his shoes at President Bush. It’s a terrible insult in Iraqi culture to throw your shoes at someone — the person on the receiving end is thought to be lower than shoes, or in the dirt, and so on. Just as fascinating as the toss (and Bush’s expert ducking, which is metaphorically significant if nothing else) is the reaction in Iraq: Most people are referring to the shoe toss as an act of heroic defiance.

(Link to video)

A reign of error that began with a stolen election now ends with long overdue metaphor, though not from a member of America’s journalistic cadre, which spared the symbolic shoes for far too long as W enthusiastically cheapened the country’s global brand for the sake of Falangist ideology.

Barack Obama wins the presidency, and W ducks Iraqi footwear.

Closure … but jeez, what’s it going to be like playing the role of happy drunk?