Council agenda slim — time for a field trip to the II Horseshoes?


It may be time to end my self-imposed exile and attend a council meeting, if for no other reason than to hear what the council president has in mind for New Albany’s tithe to One Southern Indiana – an idea that first surfaced so long ago that I can’t even locate our archival reference to it.

(Not really … I just don’t feel like looking.)

NEW ALBANY: City Council to set elected officials salary, by Daniel Suddeath (News and Tribune).

The New Albany City Council has a light agenda for its first meeting of December, scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Monday. Only three ordinances and resolutions are set to go before the council: a resolution providing money for homeless services at Haven House, an ordinance setting salaries for elected officials and an ordinance to establish funds for local economic impact groups.

I’ll take Daniel’s word for it; last time I checked, the agenda wasn’t yet on-line.

Could tonight be the long-awaited occasion when the fireworks finally begin popping and one or another of the council persons (Cappuccino remains my choice) picks the perfect spot to grandstand on the general topic of the West End porno invasion, i.e., the II Horseshoes Gentleman’s Club?

(Psst … wanna brief gander at the atmosphere being conveyed right across the street from the mayor’s historic pad?)

Check out this link: What, you were expecting good taste?

Umm, racy wallpaper, eh? There’s nothing quite like strippers locking lips to make a man crave Bud Light — or frot row seats at a R.O.C.K. rally.