County council turns hose on Erika, gallery erupts in laughter.


The senior editor refrained from last evening’s county council meeting, instead opting for the Windsor’s bar and lounge opening, where at least one co-conspirator was spotted whispering sweet nothings to a tumbler of bourbon. I concurred, but with beer.

There was much good news yesterday, gleaned from conversation with people who are bucking native pessimism and an unpredictable economy to invest, work hard, and make New Albany into the kind of place that can succeed, not fail — where people can find reasons to move forward, not skulk backwards, whining and pouting like a whipped puppy.

We await leadership of the same progressive caliber from the city council … and perhaps have spotted some of it emanating from the county council.

Floyd income tax clears first hurdle; New Albany, county would share revenue, by Dick Kaukas (Courier-Journal).

The Floyd County Council voted 4-3 along party lines last night to give initial approval to a new income tax totaling 1.25 percent …

… Lee Cotner, the council’s attorney, said afterward that the ordinance will require at least one more “yes” vote by the council at its meeting next month to take effect as scheduled Jan. 1. If the ordinance wins final approval, Floyd County residents will be paying an income tax of 1 percent — which would go back to homeowners in the form of property-tax relief — plus 0.25 percent for public safety, police and firefighters.

Deterred from self-immolation by a persistent light rain outside, pseudonymous blogger Vicki “Freedom to Screech” Denhart took her protest against taxes, public safety and contemporary civilization indoors, addressing the county council in an impeccably tailored “Erik the transgendered academic” costume.

He/she was joined by Joe Tanksley, and together they were identified by the CJ’s Kaukas as stalwarts of the Concerned Citizens for Anonymity … oops, make that “Accountability.”

It’s so easy to get the two confused.

Of course, there’s always a Price to pay when the topic turns to ways we might avoid further slippage into the 19th-century, and consequently, New Albany’s foremost spokesman on behalf of under-achieving torpor was in attendance, too.

“I am not supporting this,” said the 3rd district councilman, who added that the new revenue might become a “slush fund,” whereas Grandma’s cookie jar is a better place than mattresses to hide those nickels and dimes in preparation for the rainy day blues.

How long ’til 2011?