Not sure about the tax, but a twilight self-immolation on Hauss Square would be richly entertaining.


Two candidates, both Republican, for county council seats visited NAC in the days before last Tuesday’s election and commented on the possibility of a local income tax.

Incumbent Dana Fendley disparaged council president Larry McAllister’s grip on the purse strings and indicated opposition to a tax. First-time candidate Larry Summers indicated he would be open to the idea. Both Fendley and Summers lost, three Democrats were elected, and now the council as currently composed will revisit the idea this evening … with a floor show.

Floyd council to discuss income tax; Public can comment tonight before vote, by Dick Kaukas (Courier-Journal).

Seeking to offset declines in property-tax receipts, the Floyd County Council will consider a proposal tonight to enact a local income tax.

Council President Larry McAllister said members of the public will be given a chance to address the council before a vote on the issue. He said he decided to put the proposal on tonight’s agenda because “we need the money.”

McAllister said an income-tax rate of 0.25 percent would generate about $4 million, to be shared with the City of New Albany, for police and firefighters.

In July, the council rejected a similar proposal for an income tax 3-2, with one abstention.

At that time, several council members predicted that the measure would be reconsidered because of the county’s financial problems.

McAllister said he’s not sure how a vote would go tonight, but added that he has received many telephone calls about the proposal from residents. “People don’t want the tax,” he said. “But we need the money.”

County resident Vicki Denhart said some opponents of the tax plan will demonstrate and carry signs outside the City-County Building in downtown New Albany before the 6 p.m. meeting.

There’s no question that local government needs financial help, so the only unresolved matter remaining is whether the protesters will wear Freedom to Screech masks prior to flicking their Bics.

Burn baby … burn.