REWIND: Biking, walking and other blatant attacks on the New Albanian way of life.


At the invitation of Mayor England, I’m preparing to board my bike and pedal to a stategy session on community biking/walking systems. There’ll be more on the afternoon’s discussion coming later this evening. Until then, here’s a “rewind” from January, 2005, and you’ll note that I was wrong. We’re having a forum of sorts today, and it is being chaired by the mayor. That seems like progress to me.

Biking, walking and other blatant attacks on the New Albanian way of life

For the second consecutive temperate January day, NA Confidential will be bicycling to work. Of course, it is essential to use the side streets, as New Albany’s major thoroughfares are too dangerous and lack not only bike lanes, but ridiculously often, the bare minimum of sidewalks for pedestrian use.

Fittingly (in more ways than one), today’s Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO) and staffer Rochelle Renford return to last month’s report by the Surface Transportation Policy Project, “which names Metro Louisville the 23rd most dangerous place for pedestrians among 50 similar-sized regions.”

Referring to sociologist Richard Florida’s assertion that the presence of bicycle lanes is one amenity (of many) needed to attract the creative class, Renford bluntly adds that “in Metro Louisville, bike lanes and the ability to avoid the automobile are still just dreams, although there are downtown lofts and a very hip skate park.”

Renford surveys recent efforts in Louisville to improve this abysmal ranking. Coming up in February is the Metro Louisville Bicycle Summit, where longtime public advocates like the CART organization will join with other attendees for a public forum hosted by Mayor Jerry Abramson.

A public forum? Chaired by the Mayor? Son, that’s Louisville, not New Albany. Besides, it’s funny enough trying to imagine any current City Council members riding a bike, much less expressing support for the same.

Here are the relevant links:

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