Shadow sez: “Last night’s meeting proved, irrevocably, that the honeymoon is over.”


It may at last be time to rearm the Sharpies, steal another legal pad from work and limber up for city council follies and more dysfunctional antics from the city of New Albany’s ranking civic embarrassments, Dan Coffey and Steve Price.

As usual, Shadow has the story, and here’s the teaser.

But last night’s showdown was the worst possible occasion to assert the council’s power. It was a frivolous gesture that may well be noted as this council’s lowest moment. In a puerile attempt to embarrass Mr. Malysz, and by extension, Mr. England, Sir Dan may have forfeited hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal largesse.

It’s been a nice break, but now it’s time to rejoin Shadow, and remind New Albany that …