See you there: Senator Durbin for Barack Obama, this morning, the Parthenon at 11:30 a.m.


Reprinted from councilman John Gonder’s blog:

Senator Durbin in New Albany Friday for Barack

The senior senator from Illinois will be in town Friday for a town hall meeting on behalf of that state’s junior senator’s presidential campaign.

Richard “Dick” Durbin, one of the Democrats who opposed Bush’s war in Iraq from the start, will speak at the Obama headquarters. Senator Durbin will be at the Parthenon at 11:30 AM this Friday, April 18.

This is an opportunity to meet one of the Senate’s most distinguished members. It is also an opportunity to show your support for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Stop by the headquarters, or call Megan Maher at (317) 503-9722 for additional information.