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Do newspaper reporters do it on purpose?

New Albany to address funding; Budget shortage concerns council, by Dick Kaukas (Courier-Journal).

Councilmen Steve Price and Dan Coffey said the council should be included as the administration determines the best financing tools to pay for road repairs and other needs.

“The council and the mayor need to discuss options,” Price said yesterday. “We need to look at the big picture.”

You think to yourself: Surely the 3rd district’s uncouncilman said something during his interview with Kaukas that was more specific, or profound — hell, just pick your own descriptor — than “look at the big picture,” which to Price is as hoary (and meaningless) an observation as Henny Youngman’s “take my wife — please.”

The big picture is this: At a time when it appears that the commercial area in Price’s council district is slowly coming to life, he can only contribute rote babbling about “cuts,” and after more than four years in office, he has no more idea of what it takes to make the pie bigger than our four cats … combined.

When’s the next election?