Wouldn’t want one of those things going off near a meth lab, would you?


From the perspectives of rational civic governance, a semblance of hope, and some remote modicum of human dignity, the disintegration of the city council’s Gang of Four after last fall’s municipal election was a long overdue development, but when it comes to sheer entertainment value, the dawning new era in the council chamber offers little more than the same cold and machinating Coffey and Stevie Priceless’s incoherent, lonely and clueless jihad against all of modernity.

And that’s a good thing.

We had grown too fond of watching the spectacle, gauging the performance and forgetting the manifest travesties of Kochertization when applied to the political process.

With this in view, we dip a hesitant toe in the tepid water and resolve to attend tonight’s first April council session, mindful that unfortunate conflicts in work and life have been standing in the way of what once was a must-see in the Confidential household. For fans of the surreal, topping the list of tonight’s agenda items is this one:

G-08-04 Benedetti 1
An Ordinance Amending the New Albany Municipal Code by Adding New Section 94.30; providing for Restrictions on Novelty Lighters

The cited precedent for this ordinance is a similar one enacted by Jeffersonville, and a cynic (surely not I) might point to numerous other areas of the human experience ripe for regulation in this manner, some of which Jeffersonville also has undertaken, and that have to do with fire in an indirect manner.

The Tribune’s council meeting preview is here,