Council takes on tax abatements


New Albany’s City Council will hold a work session concerning tax abatements tonight at 6:00 p.m. prior to their regularly scheduled meeting with Thomas A. Pitman, a partner from the Indianapolis law firm of Baker and Daniels.

Council President Jeff Gahan says the Council has lacked consistency when dealing with the incentive and is attempting to be more fair. To that end, council members requested a training session to ensure evenhandedness.

Regular council meeting attendees might be surprised to learn that CM Dan Coffey has declared the Baker and Daniels firm “an acknowledged expert” on state taxes prior to the meeting. Given that Coffey once accused bond firm Ice Miller’s Buddy Downs of not being as familiar as he was with some of the state finance rules that Downs himself helped to write, these guys must be the shit.

Other business, including the potential expansion of the Park East Industrial Park TIF district, will be handled during the regular 7:30 meeting. Both the work session and the meeting will be in the assembly room on the third floor of the City County Building.

New Albany examines tax policy by Dick Kaukas, Courier-Journal