Just press “flush”: The end of an error for the wannabeens.


Verily, we’re counting down to the final gun … and what a doozy of a two-minute drill it’s shaping up to be.

The beer may actually have to wait until tonight’s city council meeting is over, lest we dull our senses to the full extent of the spectacle.

And so, although he can’t be with us tonight, we turn now to the Highwayman for an appropriately irreverent overview of the impending festivities.


Batten down the hatches, sound battle stations, load all torpedo tubes and remove all safeties! The boyz in the band have a full plate on their agenda for the final act of King Larry’s reign.

Here is a brief sampling of Thursday’s offerings (NAC’s thoughts in red):

R-07-44 *Funding for One Southern Indiana – CM Gahan

See yesterday’s posting: Will the city of New Albany help 1SI pay for the placards at ROCK’s next religious rally?

R-07-45 *Funding for Haven House – CM Zurschmeide

Given that management difficulties have plagued Haven House in 2007, this ordinance is an open invitation for demagoguery from the Gang of Four, even if Haven House remains virtually the only Southern Indiana organization willing to acknowledge (and help) New Albany’s homeless.

G-07-18 *Assassination attempt on the New Albany Housing Authority – CM Coffey

G-07-18 *Sewer Board restructuring – CM Coffey

Councilman Cappuccino, whose behavior since the November election has been likened to a feral canine pawing the dump for scraps, needs a new power base, hence his recent nuzzling of New Albany’s FOP. Meanwhile, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and incoming councilman John Gonder thinks Coffey may not be wrong when it comes to the composition of the sewer board.

Z-07-22 * Approval for the latest McCartin greenfield development plan – CM Zurschmeide

You can be sure The Gary is marching in lockstep with ROCK when it comes to the situation of “their” church – and that the locale needn’t be far removed from the beltway.

G-07-19 * Reintroduction of the Schmidt Redistricting Ordinance – CM Price (unless I’m mistaken, there have been no changes made) Go Larry Go!!

Here come da judge, dudes … but please, have it your way.


It’s Hawaiian shirt night … and don’t forget your stogie for the post-meeting Connor’s Place rehash.

Read tonight’s council agenda and attached paperwork here.