Sunday morning hoot.


The author of Erika’s “nary a lump” Thanksgiving poem today is unknown, but even so, an “author unknown” attribution should be provided by bloggers who respect such values.

At the bottom is a mistyped URL for Butterball turkeys. The academic apparently hasn’t yet learned to insert a link. Here it is, for your convenience:


Even more amusing is that the first section of the faux professor’s holiday greeting is cribbed from a message written by Gary Graham, mayor of O’Fallon, Illinois. Erika changes the order of a couple of words, probably by accident, and of course, no attribution is supplied. Pathetic, yet in this instance ironic, because the original message, dated November 15, 2006, bears the heading, “Traditional Values, Progressive Thinking.”

Our Erika. What a side splitter. I’ll be back later this afternoon.