I’ll bet no one is complaining at Hooter’s.


Gee, you’d expect far more empathy from a multinational chain restaurant with hundreds of outlets that insists against all common sense that it is America’s “neighborhood” bar and grill.

And you wonder why I hate chains.

Protesters march outside Applebee’s where mother had to cover up

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — Armed with babies wearing onesies emblazoned with “breast is best” and “I eat at mom’s,” protesters marched in front of an Applebee’s restaurant on Saturday to support a woman who says she was told to cover up by a restaurant manager.

Around 200 people, some of them carrying signs and breast-feeding, marched in front of the restaurant as drivers honked and gave the thumbs-up, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported on its Web site.

The protest was in support of Brooke Ryan, who said she was breast-feeding her 7-month-old son in June when a manager asked her to cover up. Ryan did not attend the event for “personal reasons.”

The protest was one of 60 that have been held at different Applebee’s restaurants in recent weeks. Kentucky state law prohibits any interference from a breast-feeding mother.

“You’re just trying to do something special and normal, but you’re being treated like a second-class citizen,” said Maren McGimsey.

“You have a country that sees breasts only for sexual purposes.”

Applebee’s international guest relations manager Alex Bressett said the restaurant’s “policies regarding breast-feeding are consistent with the laws of the states in which we operate.”