The roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd?


“The city council is up to here with the sewers … (there’s) more than enough money to fix them things.”
a cappella anatomical and grammatical croonings from the Wizard of Westside.


1st district councilman Dan Coffey customarily devotes substantial portions of his bountiful twice-monthly council speaking time to strident claims of overarching expertise in numerous fields of human endeavor, and last evening was no exception, with the Wizard or Westside pontificating on the history of housing in Silver Hills, the width of parking spaces, linguistics and semantics, sewage system engineering, and the history and application of legalese.

Frankly, NAC is puzzled. Why is the city squandering Coffey’s considerable talents in the narrow confines of the council chamber when a career as troubleshooting municipal polymath – dare we say a veritable New Albanian Homo universalis – beckons so enticingly from just offstage?

Perhaps Professor Erika can convince the regents of Bazooka Joe U. to add Coffey to its crackerjack (make that “bubblegum”) staff.

Speaking of cretinous faux academics, now that the parading masquerader has found common ground for agreement with 6th district councilman Jeff Gahan on the topic of sewer accountability, will she reverse long-cherished course and cease spelling his name “Gayhan” in her bile blog?

Inquiring minds want to know.

CM Gahan’s doggedly firm pursuit of satisfaction with respect to information about the sewer utility’s budget and its recent awarding of a no-bid service contract to EMC proved again that it really is possible for a sitting councilman to be persistent while retaining decorum and eschewing the pyrotechnics preferred by the legislative body’s inveterate grandstanders.

Overall, the July 2 city council meeting was fairly uneventful by normal Marxist (brothers) standards, and with the exception of Coffey’s tiresome peacock boastings, the cast and crew were well behaved. For the record, CMs Schmidt and Blevins were absent, and the Courier’s Dick Kaukas provides this useful overview: Council OKs funds for street operations; vote cleans slate for New Albany department.