Baize-Island tenants arrested and/or evicted: The curious view from Main Street.


We’re pleased to share great law enforcement news from Main Street, courtesy of the Letter From New Albany blog. Pay close attention to the comments section for each posting. These make for fascinating and informative reading. Will the reprobates stay in jail? Will they set up shop elsewhere? Will the absentee slumlord revamp or merely reload?

Best of luck to the long-suffering neighbors. This being New Albany, you’re sure to need some.

Thursday, June 7: The end of an era

I couldn’t sleep last night. At sun-up I watched from my front porch as soft light entered my neighborhood. Then it hit me! “My” neighborhood. It felt like MY neighborhood for the first time since I’ve lived here. Until Tuesday, my neighborhood was “their” neighborhood, but they are all in jail now.

Wednesday, June 6: Candy & Cowboy – A New Albany Love Story

Today our neighborhood is breathing the first sigh of relief, after so much mayhem and so many pleas for help…the folks at “Ho-Island” were all arrested yesterday for drug-dealing and generally maintaining a public nuisance!