3rd district in the spotlight; Price to raid grandma’s cookie jar for fall campaign.


It’s a holiday weekend, and perhaps half our normal readership will be clocking in, so we’ll refrain from substantive comment about the changing dynamics of the 3rd district city council race until next week.

The Tribune expands its coverage from yesterday’s news flash:

New Albany council: GOP making District three a race, by Eric Scott Campbell.

Many downtown residents will now have an extra choice to make Nov. 6.

Brenda Scharlow has agreed to run against Democratic incumbent District 3 City Councilman Steve Price in the general election, filling the Republican Party’s ballot vacancy there …

… “I think we just need somebody in there that will have a vision for the city, and I think I would be able to work with anybody” elected to the council or mayor’s office, she said.

Speaking for myself, I’m cautiously optimistic about future prospects for uniting the hefty majority of 3rd district voters who agree that “vision for the city” should not be incompatible with occupying a council seat, as is the unfortunate current reality with incumbent Steve “No Progress at Any” Price.

But let’s not neglect the humorous side of Scharlow’s probable entry into the race, one provided (unintentionally as always) by New Albany’s own eternally nutty professor — the so-called Erik, who lectures in voodoo economics and pseudo-history at Tooth Fairy U.

In a posting today, the trognonymous Vickster takes issue with Brenda Scharlow’s political affiliation.

Which party has your loyalty now? And will the 3rd District take you serious as a candidate?

Bold, vibrant words coming from a man who is really a woman … and from a woman whose past veiled delusions have included anonymous racial slurs among other bits of vituperative character assassination and unanswerable innuendo.

If these perpetually unsavory character traits weren’t enough to confirm a measure of confused self-identity on the part of Freedom to Screech’s chief attack dog, it’s worth noting that the very same inveterate masquerader recently stood for an at-large council seat as a Democratic candidate whilst playing political footsie with the true object of her adoration, strident Republican operative Auntie V — who, in turn, was resoundingly rejected yet again by local members of her own cadre.

In fact, seeing as neither of these inveterate schemers has taken political affiliation seriously when looking at their own mirrors, for “Erik” to question it as pertains to another citizen goes somewhat past ironic.

All the way to pathological.

There’ll be reruns the next two days. See you next Tuesday.