Lame ducks ponder sewer refuge, the Council meets tonight


Actually, it’s non-lame duck 6th district Council Member Jeff Gahan, who ran unopposed in the Democratic primary, who’s taking a lead role role this evening, introducing a resolution to suspend sewer appropriations until the utility produces a budget for council review, thereby fulfilling what he feels is its legal obligation to do so.

It’ll be interesting to see if any of the members who support Gahan’s stance realize the irony of the law and order routine coming from a Council that’s yet to adequately address its own and the city’s legal shortcomings.

The Council continues to operate in violation of election law in their refusal to take responsibility for the mandated redrawing of their districts, Council President Larry Kochert is presumably on tape admitting to illegal primary shenanigans, and the slumlords are all sleeping soundly.

Speaking of Slippery Larry, one wonders if he’ll again conveniently forget his own long tenure on the sewer board and try to pin any accounting deficiencies on the Mayor, or if he’ll suddenly spin his head and allow us the joy of watching him grimace as he owns up to actually agreeing with Garner.

Only Larry knows for sure and, in the absence of a crowd to play to, he probably hasn’t decided yet.

And what of at-large CM Kevin Zurschmiede? Having vociferously opposed paving appropriations without full documentation of the street department’s intentions during early discussions, will he hold himself to the same standard as a sewer board member or give up the grandstand now that the Republican party no longer needs to concern themselves with Garner as a candidate?

Will 3rd district CM Steve Price involuntarily vote no on the measure before realizing its purpose is to withhold funds?

What are the chances that mayoral candidate Doug England’s name comes up in the discussion?

Eric Scott Campbell provides pre-meeting Tribune coverage here.

Meeting agenda and materials from City Clerk Marcey Wisman.

Notice also that MArcey’s updated her site with council member voting records.