First ballot GOP caucus victory for Zurschmiede, as projected tidal waves more closely resemble leaky faucets.


I declined to affix media credentials and attend tonight’s GOP caucus. After all, it’s bad karma to crash another party’s party, and besides, if I really enjoyed being in a room crowded with Republicans, I’d be hanging out at the nearest exurban megachurch — some place where a guy can get an espresso while waiting.

In the end, there was little drama to the caucus.

GOP picks Zurschmiede to join New Albany City Council; Replaces Commissioner-elect as lone Republican, by Eric Scott Campbell (News and Tribune).

On the first ballot of a local Republican caucus Friday night, Kevin Zurschmiede garnered a majority vote in a field of seven candidates, winning Mark Seabrook’s City Council seat for the fourth and final year of the term.

As the city council’s sole Republican for the past three years, the departing Mark Seabrook played a poor hand consistently well, and as the newcomer Zurschmiede heads to the plate to pinch-hit, we wish him luck and patience in dealing with the council’s obstructionist Gang of Four quasi-Democrats — a skill at which Seabroook excelled.

And NAC sincerely promises not to mention Ward Churchill. Ever.

Meanwhile, over at Bazooka Joe University, deep within the confines of the pre-literate department’s Futility Hall, a failed campaign manager presumably is mulling her career options after yet another crushing disappointment for her idol. Personally, I thought it was an odd strategy for Professor Erika to try and better her patron’s caucus chances by publicly offending the very same Republican party stalwarts who’d be voting, naturally causing them to look askance not at the sad sack blogger, but in the direction of her puppetmaster … but hey, I’m neither a college professor, nor pretend to be.

I just cherish irony.

Really, with press agent friends like Professor Erika, who needs enemies?