Artist? Know one? Need studio space? Well, start reading. Mike’s looking for you.


It’s always informative and fun to chat with Mike Kopp of Lopp Real Estate. If those who persist in dismissing the prospects for downtown New Albany – against all escalating evidence to the contrary – would take the time to watch Mike and others like him, they’d be humming a different tune.

Mike asked if I’d post today on the topic of an idea he and John Dowell, owner of the New Albany Inn building and Kentuckiana Music Center at the corner of Market and Bank (and Bistro New Albany’s landlord), have been discussing recently with respect to the building’s mostly unused third floor.*

I’m happy to pass it along.

Based on interest expressed to Mike and John by several individuals, the current idea is to make the third floor rooms into an artists’ studio, with space available for lease. For insight into how such “creative space for hire” arrangements work elsewhere, look no further than the Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center’s “leasing information” page, and be aware that the rates to be charged if the New Albany Inn project comes to fruition will be lower.

Also know that the Bistro’s fine food and NABC beers are just downstairs …

Readers, if you’re interested in potentially leasing space, or if you know someone who may be, please pass this information along. Mike would like to know what you think, and he can be reached by e-mail here, or call him at J.W. Lopp Real Estate.

In addition to plans for the New Albany Inn building, Mike divulged that he’s having serious nibbles on the remaining 2/3 of the old tripartite Fair Store building opposite The Grand on the north side of Market, and that ongoing plans to put a blues and jazz music venue into the former antique mall space on State Street (by the throwback Firestone) are moving ahead according to schedule.

Go get ‘em, Mike. We’re all just riding on your coattails.

* Much to my chagrin, I can’t find a single archive photo of the New Albany Inn in its entirety, apparently having always aimed my camera at the ground floor bNA, and not anywhere else.