It might get you fired, unless of course the job wasn’t yours from the start.


Seeing as the professorial poseur over at Freedom to Screech seldom sees any need to attribute the scattershot snippets from the hard work of others that she routinely purloins from the Internet (which in itself would lead to her dismissal from any responsible teaching position in the reality-based world, as opposed to her native habitat of Fantasy Island), kindly permit NAC to provide the sources for her posting today.

We’re happy to do it.

The borrowing begins with a poem called “I Own All of Me,” written by David Kearney. It can be found in its original form here.

The next lines, “Here (sic) essence was that of Love, Her inspiration was that of hope!,” comes from another poem by Brandon Ross Abernathy entitled “Cathy,” which also can be read at

And finally, completing a fruitful nocturnal session of plagiarism from the very same web site, Doc Erika’s final thought is lifted from an essay by Walter Holland, PhD: “A Poetry of Crisis, A Poetry of Witness,” except that in typical fashion, she omits the word “poetry,” without which the passage makes no sense whatsoever.

The FOS posting’s title, “The Value of Her Insight,” undoubtedly refers to the fact that all three filched sources were written by men.

If one ventures into the casino and begin throwing money at those nice men dealing cards, he or she is advised to take a brief stab at learning the rules of the game – or risk taking a bath. In like fashion, blogosphere or not, proper attribution of sources is not an option – it’s a requirement, at least for any writer wishing to be taken seriously.

Halloween has come and gone, doc. How about changing back into civvies?

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