Jump ball: A platform for 2007.


In a comment yesterday, SBAvanti63 wrote:

The platform for 2007 is an easy one. Bluegill mentions clean up, revitalization, preservation and economic development. Add in public safety and there’s plenty with which to work, especially as it relates to the current council. The trick is finding the candidates willing to run for each seat and then funding them, as it’s likely that Dem. or Rep. party funds will support incumbents over new candidates. I’m new enough to New Albany not to know who these potential candidates might be, but the neighborhood associations are certainly one place to start identifying possibilities. I suspect that some of the readers/responders to NAC would be good candidates. Is anyone willing? Now is the time to get started. It’s going to take a grass-roots effort to make the sweeping changes necessary and that won’t come easily.
–Posted by SBAvanti63 to NA Confidential at 11/27/2006 08:49:32 PM

Good thoughts, indeed.

Readers, assuming such candidates might be found, how does such a platform fit within the confines of the still Democratic-leaning two party system here in New Albany?