REWIND: Sometimes it’s embarrassing to be an American.


America’s frenzied pop culture vultures have dubbed today Black Friday, and analysts will be poring over sales figures and tea leaves in an effort to determine if holiday season retail sales will be sufficient to float our collective boat for another year.

Today in the local newspapers there’ll be other stories just like the one linked below, from an NAC posting dated Nov. 26, 2005. Change the dates, change the names — but Pavlov’s dog salivates just as predictably.

At least this year I get (downsized) turkey sandwiches before work, courtesy of Mrs. Confidential … and yesterday’s Vietnam Kitchen meal of a rice cake/fried egg appetizer with main course of the legendary K-8 spicy noodles was simply outstanding.


Up at 4:00 a.m. — to go shopping.

Shoppers beat sunlight to find bargains, by Kyle Lowry (New Albany Tribune).

“At 4 o’clock there were two great big lines up to the doors,” Mayfield said. “Now, there are lines around the entire store to check out. It’s pretty crazy.”

Unbelievable, but then again, materialism being the true faith of our fathers …