Templates, tags, levels and extreme impatience.


My overt hostility toward reactionaries and Luddites of various stripes is fueled in large measure by the knowledge that there by the grace of simple good fortune might I yet flail and wail.

Could you tell?

The simplicity of black and white is an alluring Medusa perched atop an outcropping somewhere atop a lobe, and it is one to be resisted at all costs. The world is complex and painted in shades of gray, and ambiguous with sensations of pain and pleasure wrapped together. Quite simply, you can’t go home again.

In turn, this knowledge helps to explain the motif of the moment, during which the senior editor is struggling mightily with computer technology and software that he still only tenuously understands in an effort to simultaneously reassemble the contents of the home PC following both major and minor crashes, while learning the nuances of Macromedia Dreamweaver so as to seize the skill and autonomy necessary to avoid ever again the necessity of bowing and scraping, hat in hand, before the adjacent third-grader who grasps more of web site construction than this 46-year-old adult has managed to absorb.

Though the kid might work cheap … no, the point remains a newfound recognition that to do it the way I want, I have to do it myself – and that means learning how to do it myself. So, it’s back to school in a manner of speaking.

You may be seeing a spate of “rewinds” and “reruns” at NAC the next few days, and this is something I regret, as one of the ulterior motives for the blog is to compel me to write each and every day.

At the same time, although NAC’s numbers are healthy in terms of readership, the once thriving local blogosphere outside our gates has steadily contracted. Perhaps you won’t notice if I engage in some slacking this extended holiday weekend, and expend the energy instead on computer literacy, self-training and the usual work-related obligations during busy season.

Through it all, sincere thanks for reading.