The at-large city council rumorama wheel …


… is spinning, and today it says that Kevin Zurschmiede may be interested in the at-large seat to be vacated by Mark Seabrook at the end of the year. The Green Mouse says he was spotted in deep discussions with CM Seabrook at the last council meeting.

I’m assuming this is the same Kevin Zurschmiede who has worked for many years as a realtor, developer and property manager, and who owns the building at the northeast corner of Pearl and Market where the GOP headquarters was located during the most recent election. If so, it sounds like a good choice.

It may even be the same Kevin Zurschmiede who participated here at NAC during the early months of the blog’s existence, and much to my enjoyment at the time. The last posting I can recall him contributing comments about was this one (in February, 2005):

Potpourri: NBA vs. college; how NA cooduh beenuh condenduh; Ward Churchill; and good beer writing.

Kevin, if you’re still reading, perhaps you might return and let us know whether this rumor has legs?