Not too loudly — the Republican National Committee might use one of them.


This reader comment is so good that it deserves a marquee slot.

It was posted in response to yesterday’s C-J endorses Baron Hill; condemns Mike Sodrel’s “meek fealty to the Bush administration,” and is from our friend Feel the Paine:

At 11:12 PM, Feel the Paine said …

I anticipate that this week we will see Sodrel and his proxies unleash the final blitzkrieg, which will doubtless include: a photoshopped Hill presiding over a gay marriage ceremony; disclosure of a grainy video in which Hill dons turban and prostrates himself for Muslim prayers; erection of billboards on I-64 displaying a black latex-clad Nancy Pelosi in stilletos leading a dog-collared and leashed Hill in a San Francisco transgendered parade;and an affidavit from a Hill Seymour High School classmate alleging that Hill’s basketball records were the result of performance enhancing drugs.

Hilarious to be sure, but sadly, not outside the realm of RNC possibility.