It’s Harvest Homecoming Parade day, and NA Confidential will be watching …


For the third year running, NAC’s friends and fellow travelers will monitor the progress of the annual Harvest Homecoming Parade from the porch of the senior editor’s Spring Street homestead.

Readers and pals, stop by and visit if you’re in the hood. The parade begins at noon at New Albany High School, and will pass NAC’s impromptu reviewing stand a short time later. As in years past, the format is strictly open-house; stay for a few minutes, or all day. It’s your choice. There’ll be no protocol.

Here is a view of the cast and crew from last year’s second-place East Spring Street Neighborhood Assoctaion parade float:

There will be a pot of vegetarian chili, small batch sodas from Milwaukee’s versatile Sprecher brewery, and a selection of draft beer courtesy of the host’s New Albanian Brewing Company.

Those planning to make a day of it, please bring beer snacks or suitable sides. We encourage walking and bicycling; parking places are limited (none on the street), so if you drive, be creative – and arrange a designated driver.

Maybe this year the delegation of undersized, masked exiles from the Land of Misfit Trogs will come calling. We brought wee glassware out for them in 2005, but alas, none attended.