UPDATED: Scribner Place and Taxes Tonight


There’s a City Council meeting tonight, third floor assembly room of the City/County Building, 7:30 p.m.

From Jane Alcorn of Develop New Albany:

Monday night is another important New Albany City Council meeting for the Scribner Place/YMCA project. The YMCA is applying for Economic Development Revenue Bonds in the approximate principal amount of $5,500,000 to finance a portion of the costs of construction and equipping their three story facility at the corner of State and Main streets. As a not for profit, the YMCA can utilize these bonds, as have the Christian Academy School and Valley Ridge (subsidized rental housing) over the past few years.

None of the bonds will be general obligations of the City of New Albany , the Common Council or the Economic Development Commission. Neither the bonds nor the interest thereon constitute or give rise to any indebtedness of the City or any charge against its general credit or taxing power.

This meeting is another chance to continue the support of the project we have all worked hard to see to fruition, if you would like to attend.

Develop New Albany is forwarding a letter of support to Council members. You may do this, call your councilman or attend the meeting.

The Council should also be considering an additional property tax levy tonight as a means to cover a state mandated retirement plan for police and fire personnel as Eric Scott Campbell reported in the The Tribune.

It’s largely unremarkable save for a couple of facts: The Council recently sold out the city’s economic development future in order to “save” citizens an annual amount similar to the levy currently in question and someone will inevitably claim that their property taxes are being raised to pay for Scribner Place.

We’ll link to an offical agenda when it becomes available.

In the mean time, remember that heroes are best honored by creating a way of life that doesn’t require heroism.

Tonight’s Council Agenda