Daily Bread


A friend recently accepted a new position in Burlington, Vermont. As I was checking out the virtual scene, comparisons to New Albany, another historic city of similar size, were inevitable.

In searching for clues as to the differences between the two municipalities, one thriving and the other being us, and how local action may make them more similar, it was again evident that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel when so many others have paved the road, put gas in the tank, taken the car for a test drive and then wisely opted for public transportation.

We may want to consider reinventing money, though. The Burlington Currency Project has created a monetary system, Burlington Bread, usable at local establishments only. In fact, there’s a whole national movement to do so.

It’s unclear at this point whether we should print bills with the Samtec logo or trade for growlers of beer, but it’s not a bad idea. Let us know what you think.